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Astria Aries 33 Series Contemporary Millivolt Control Direct Vent Natural Gas Fireplace with Rear Flue (ARIESCD33RMN) #ARIESCD33RMN

Astria Aries 33 Series Contemporary Millivolt Control Direct Vent Natural Gas Fireplace with Rear Flue (ARIESCD33RMN)


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Item Description (Part Number)

QTY: 1 Glass Door (F1905) +$240.34

QTY: 2B Gas Valve [NG] (F1833) +$318.67

QTY: 5 Gas Flex Line Connector (93L32) +$148.87

QTY: 6 Hood (F1900) +$50.57

QTY: 7 Barrier (F1902) +$254.58

QTY: 8 Assembly Access Panel (F3704) +$Call to Order

QTY: 9 Piezo Igniter [recommend getting Piezo Igniter Wire] (10K86) +$50.57


Item Description (Part Number)

QTY: 10 Pilot Assembly [NG] [recommend using High Temp Red Silicone] (69L17) +$309.77

QTY: 10A High Temperature Red Silicone (70AW) +$18.33

QTY: 11 Piezo Igniter Wire (56L21) +$52.43

QTY: 12 Pilot Generator (60J79) +$161.71

QTY: 13 Thermocouple (74L57) +$86.14

QTY: 14 Pilot Tube (74L56) +$154.59

QTY: 15 Electrode And Cable (H6212) +$76.71

QTY: 16 Orifice Holder (H7257) +$74.86

QTY: 18 Contemporary Burner (J7402) +$102.86

QTY: 19 Vent Restrictor Base (H8987) +$89.86

QTY: 20 Vent Restrictor Wing (H8988) +$76.71

QTY: 21 Door Latch [2 per unit, each sold separately] (H1264) +$240.34

QTY: 22 Assembly Control Harness (H8601) +$176.25

QTY: 25 Astria Badge (J7593) +$Call to Order

QTY: 26 Hinge Latch Kit [Left and Right] (F3705) +$Call to Order

QTY: 27 Barrier Bracket and Magnet Kit [Left and Right] (F3706) +$Call to Order

QTY: 28 Fiber Panel Retainer Kit (F4054) +$147.42

QTY: 29 Brass Orifice [NG] (H8303) +$74.86


Item Description (Part Number)

QTY: 30 Touch Up Paint Firebox Interior [Black] (F4032) +$Call to Order

QTY: 31 Touch Up Paint Powder Coat Exterior [Black] (F1882) +$99.00

QTY: 32 Standard Single Speed Blower (80L84) +$349.00

QTY: 33 Variable Speed Blower [with Wall Mounted Switch] (80L85) +$449.00

QTY: 34 Variable Speed Blower [Thermal Snap Switch] (80L86) +$499.00

QTY: 35 Bag of Glowing Embers (88L53) +$59.00

QTY: 36 Bag of Volcanic Stone (80L42) +$29.00

QTY: 37 Glass Media 5lb [Reflective Black] (H8412) +$154.24

QTY: 38 Glass Media 5lb [Reflective Blue] (H8424) +$79.00

QTY: 39 Glass Media 5lb [Platinum] (H8413) +$79.00

QTY: 40 Glass Media 5lb [Copper] (H8539) *No Longer Available* +$*0.00*

QTY: 41 Firebox Liner Kit [Buff] (F1887) *No Longer Available* +$*0.00*

QTY: 42 Firebox Liner Kit [Vintage Red] (F1886) +$260.40

QTY: 43 Remote [LCD Stat, Thermostat, On/Off] (H8861) +$399.00

QTY: 44 Manual Thermostatic Control Kit (H8864) +$99.00

QTY: 45 On/Off Remote and Receiver with White Wall Plate (F2236) +$139.00

QTY: 46 Remote [Two Button, Timer, On/Off or Timer Mode] (H8860) +$299.00

QTY: 47 Wall Switch with Countdown Timer (H8863) +$129.00

QTY: 48 Unit-Mountable Rocker Switch (80L41) +$19.00

QTY: 49 On/Off Wall Switch Kit (85L87) +$29.00

QTY: 50 Variable Speed Wall Switch Kit (045571H) +$Call to Order

QTY: 51 Termination Shroud (H5820) +$149.00

QTY: 52 Termination Guard [Deluxe] (87L02) +$249.00

QTY: 53 Termination Guard [Square] (17M52) +$149.00

QTY: 54 Owners Manual [hard copy] [P90923-00] (OMHC-L) +$21.99

QTY: 55 Owners Manual [electronic copy] [P90923-00] (OMEL-L) +$9.99
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