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ED4035CNM-2(64L66),ED4035CPM-2(77L35), ED4035CNE-2(64L67),ED4035CPE-2(77L36)   #775697MRevNCED4035

ED4035CNM-2(64L66),ED4035CPM-2(77L35), ED4035CNE-2(64L67),ED4035CPE-2(77L36)

Item#: 775697MRevNCED4035

Price: $0.00

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Item Description (Part Number)

QTY: 1- 74L0101 LOG SET (74L01) +$Call to order

QTY: 2- LB-92398C GLASS ENCLOSURE FRONT ~OLD PART # H3724~ (H8122) +$395.22

QTY: **- 69L2101 DOOR HOOK LATCH (69L21) +$46.86

QTY: **- 69L3101 DOOR MAGNET KIT (69L31) +$46.86

QTY: 3- LB-92513B GAS BURNER ~OLD PART # H4973~ (H6589) +$302.43

QTY: 7- BURNER LB-92479B GRATE (Call for Part #) +$Call to order

QTY: 6- 74L5901 VENTURI/ AIR SHUTTER KIT (74L59) +$77.80

QTY: 5- 43K3301 FLEX GAS LINE WITH SHUT-OFF ~OLD PART # 43K33~ (93L32) +$134.88

QTY: 8- LB-96790C BUSTLE TOP ~OLD PART # H3741~ (H6351) +$91.72

QTY: 9- LB-92496C BUSTLE BOTTOM ~OLD PART # H3729~ (H6339) +$65.57

QTY: **- LB-92532C FRONT LINTEL ~OLD PART # H4965~ (H6583) +$115.91

QTY: 10- LB-92449C LOUVER UPPER (H2727) +$163.49

QTY: 11- LB-92652C LOUVER LOWER ~OLD PART # H3735~ (H6345) +$174.47

QTY: 12- LB-92100C STANDARD HOOD (97K52) +$167.05

QTY: **- VENT 4.5 (Call for Part #) +$Call to order

QTY: **- 74L6101 VENT ADAPTER (74L61) +$101.00

QTY: **- LB-85204 VENT RESTRICTOR ~OLD PART # 81L32~ (H6216) +$46.86

QTY: **- LB-92565A FAN KIT SINGLE SPEED (80L84) +$301.00

QTY: 21- LB-92526 GAS LINE VALVE TO BURNER ~OLD PART # H4997~ (H6610) *No longer available* +$*0.00*

QTY: 14- LB-92248A BURNER INSERT ~OLD PART # 91L13~ (H6224) *No longer available* +$*0.00*

QTY: 15- LB-92526 AIR SHUTTER ROD (H4196) +$46.86

QTY: 16- 43K8501 GASKET VENTURI TUBE MOUNTING (43K85) +$140.00

QTY: **- LB-95525C MODESTY PANEL ~OLD PART # H5012~ (H6619) +$85.84

QTY: 17- LB-91933C RELIEF PLATE W/GASKET ~OLD PART # 28L10~(H6203) +$32.39

QTY: **- LB-99763T METAL BRICK INTERIOR KIT (LB-99763T) +$Call to order


Item Description (Part Number)

QTY: 19A- LB-92476C GAS TRAIN ASSEMBLY NG ~OLD PART # H5028~ (H6631) +$491.44

QTY: 19B- LB-92476G GAS TRAIN ASSEMBLY LP ~OLD PART # H5025~ (H6628) +$438.85

QTY: 17- 43K0701 GAS VALVE NG ~OLD PART # 43K07~ (H6209) +$395.22

QTY: 17- 88J5301 GAS VALVE LP (88J53) +$395.22

QTY: 18- PIEZO IGNITER [This igniter is the round part that you would push to generate a spark. Fits SIT gas valves. Would recommend purchasing the Piezo wire, part #56L21-sold separately.] (10K86) +$46.86

QTY: 18- PIEZO IGNITER WIRE (56L21) +$48.72

QTY: 22A- 69L1701 PILOT ASSEMBLY NAT GAS(69L17) +$288.41

QTY: 22B- 69L1801 PILOT ASSEMBLY LP GAS(69L18) +$288.41

QTY: 23- 74L5601 PILOT TUBE WITH FITTING (74L56) +$149.28

QTY: **- LB-85233 PILOT SHIELD ~OLD PART # H3737~ (H6347) +$54.29

QTY: 26- 60J7901 THERMOPILE (60J79) +$151.03

QTY: **- 60J7501 THERMOCOUPLE (74L57) +$76.71

QTY: **- LB-92610E LB-92610M GAS CONVERSION NG TO LP (85L63) +$108.00

QTY: **- GAS CONVERSION LP TO NG (85L70) +$108.00

QTY: 24- LB-92264 VALVE SUPPORT BRACKET ~OLD PART # H4886~ (H6565) +$Call to order

QTY: 4- 21L6301 GAS VALVE BRASS FITTING ~OLD PART # 21L63~ (H7111) +$46.86

QTY: **- 21L6201 BURNER BRASS FITTING ~OLD PART # 21L62~ (H6195) +$46.86

QTY: 25- 18L4001 BURNER ORIFICE NG #36 (18L40) +$46.86

QTY: 25- LB-558740 BURNER ORIFICE LP #52 (37G00) +$71.14

QTY: **- 74L5801 ELECTRODE AND CABLE ~OLD PART # 74L58~ (H6212) +$73.00


Item Description (Part Number)

QTY: 27- LB-92523C GAS TRAIN ASSEMBLY NG ~OLD PART # H5022~ (H6625) +$517.73

QTY: 27- LB-92523G GAS TRAIN ASSEMBLY LP ~OLD PART # H5019~ (H6622) +$442.60

QTY: 30- 62L1801 GAS VALVE NG (62L18) +$606.33

QTY: 30- 62L1901 GAS VALVE LP (62L19) +$Call to order

QTY: 32- 62L1401 PILOT ASSEMBLY NG (62L14) +$469.99

QTY: 32- 62L1501 PILOT ASSEMBLY LP (62L15) +$176.25

QTY: 34- LB-92634 PILOT TUBE WITH FITTING ~OLD PART # H4998~ (H6611) +$16.30

QTY: **- LB-103178 PILOT SHIELD ~OLD PART # H1596~ (H6240) +$Call to order

QTY: **- LB-92611E GAS CONVERSION NG TO LP (85L77) +$105.03

QTY: **- LB-92611M GAS CONVERSION LP TO NG (85L84) *No Longer Available* +$*0.00*

QTY: 29- LB-92546 VALVE SUPPORT BRACKET ~OLD PART # H4771~ (H6548) +$25.24


Item Description (Part Number)

QTY: 36- 62L0701 GAS VALVE BRASS FITTING (62L07) +$46.86

QTY: 37- 31L3301 BURNER BRASS FITTING ~OLD PART # 31L33 & H6204~ (H8042) +$48.72

QTY: 38- 18L4001 BURNER ORIFICE NG #36 (18L40) +$46.86

QTY: 38- LB-558740 BURNER ORIFICE LP #52 (37G00) +$71.14

QTY: **- VALVE 901253 DIRECT IGNITION CONTROL MODULE (NLA) *No longer available* +$*0.00*

QTY: **- LXT-13-1347 WIRE HARNESS ~OLD PART # H3748~ (H6355) +$79.95

QTY: **- LB-92621 IGNITER ROD ELECTRONIC (87L54) +$307.99

QTY: **- LXT-13-1318 110V WIRE LEAD TO TRANSFORMER ~Old Part # H4910~ (H3943) +$121.43

QTY: **- LB-92595 TRANSFORMER 110V TO 24V (42J32) +$181.59
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